The Denomination of Origin, Ron de Guatemala, covers all processes and activities related to the production of our raw materials, processing of virgin honey, distillation, aging and all the practices associated with the development of our aged rums.

The Designation of Origin is based on three pillars:

1. Production system of raw materials:
It consists in ensuring that all raw materials used for the production of rum are from the same geographical location, weather conditions, place of production and the extraction of virgin honey and distillation through a unique yeast that produces perfect rum to be aged.

2. Solera Aging System:
Geographical location where our Solera Aging System occurs under perfect weather conditions, as well as the process and blending of aged rums, which reaches those unique features that make the personality of each.

3. Recognition:
Marketing based in the growing demand of rums in international markets, quality control, certifications, as well as several awards given over time.


With the invitation by Casa Botran to participate in the formulation of a new rum designed to meet personal preferences, Botran&Co is an initiative to participate in its co-creation, salute the art of mixology, and render homage to expert palates that have been with the family throughout its history.

Created from the blend of the family private reserve rums, aged for up to 5 and 30 years, Botran&Co gets its complex qualities from the different stages in white oak barrels that formerly aged american whiskey; charred barrels, barrels that formerly aged old Sherries, barrels that kept Port wines, and barrels that formerly aged fine south American wines.

Resulting from this complex and truly artisanal aging process, the rum may present small particles that will disappear if you shake the bottle gently.